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Welcome to Mommio's Inc., where you will find quality, natural products that try to reduce the impact on our environment and contribute to a healthier world. Browse our product list and join our community chat groups or watch a video we live streamed.


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Heal yourself Line

Conserving Nature

Our products are created to empower you to heal yourself mind, body and spirit. We offer a variety of products to assist you in your wellness journey. We offer Tinctures, Teas, Steams, Smokes, Bath Salts, Smudges, Crystals, Charms, Candles, Grooming Kits, Balms & Face Shields.


Natural Products

100% Natural

Mommio's is committed to selling high quality, natural products which are kind to the environment and minimize the negative impact to the planet. Our Natural Non -GMO products are the key factor in our Product Creation Process.

Sister Circle ♾ Ascending Spirits

Sister Circle - Ascending Spirits Root Chakra!!!

About this Event

Join us as we continue our Ascension journey and dive into the Root chakra.

Our chakras are our spirit body energy centers and are a very intricate part of our everyday life. Learning how they operate can help us co create a better lifestyle.

Watch the updated YOUTUBE video on the topics we will be discussing for the remainder sessions of ou sister circle!!! 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


CLICK the link below to join our groupme chat for inspiration and updates. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

You're invited to join my group "Sister ♾ Circle" on GroupMe. https://groupme.com/join_group/60797466/BgEFGVuH

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About Mommio's Inc.

Created in 2015 our company was designed to supply the need for natural healing products. We are focused on total body wellness for the entire household. With this concept in mind we have created products that focus on the mind , the body and the spirit. We use minimal amounts of raw materials, water and energy to produce our products. We here at Mommio's Inc. follow this philosophy. The selection of ethically sourced products available at our Online Store is extremely unique and of the highest quality.


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