1 Raw Mini Selenite Crystal wand. This crystal is great for protection grids. This is a Powerful Crystal of Clarity used to Clear Blockages and Stagnate Negative Energy. Can be used to cut negative energy cords by waving it over your Chakra's energy points of the body. Helps to activate the First Eye and Crown Chakras when used during meditation. Selenite obsorbs negative energy. 

Mini Selenite Wand

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  • 1 Mini Selenite Wand - Obsorbs negative energy. To care never wet this crystal it's  a water soluble. It never needs to be Cleansed. But if you want to clear energy from the stone smudge with Palo Santo or Sage. Charge under full moon to help amplify its Healing Energy. Can be used to clear negative energy from other crystals, stones and jewelry. 



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