Our steams are made for wellness of the body. We offer Yoni Steams, & Immune Boosting Steams.


Yoni Steams are created to help cleanse and heal the Yoni. The usual treatment is after giving birth. But can be done as you deem needed to heal and cleanse the Yoni. I combine Lavender, Roses, Calendula Flower, Rasberry leaf, Chamomile, Hibiscus Flower and Dandelion Root You can use with a Yoni Steam Pot " Highly recommended" or in a Bath. Drink Plenty of water.


The Immune Boosting Steam was created to fight the common cold, and Flu virus. It contains properties that help boost the immune system to create antibodies to heal the body naturally.   It contains herbs like Eucalypyus, Mint, Oregano, Basil, Ginger , Nettle Leaf, and Linden Leaf. You can create a Steam pot and sit over it with a blanket and allow the steam and breath in the steam. You want to sit for 30 minutes to allow your body to perspire. You will be drenched in sweat. Its a good thing. Next Shower and Drink Plenty of water. Take any needed Vitamins or Supplements. Do this step no more than once a day. Allow time to rest and your body to naturally heal itself. 


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  • Product detail. 2 packages of a 1 oz pouch. Only need 1 oz per treatment. Can be used as loose Leaf " Highly Recommended" or in a reuseable tea bag.

    Non of the claims are backed by the FDA. Use at your own discrection. Product ingredience are provided for allergen purposes. If you are allergic to any items discontinue use and seek medical help. We will not be liable to for your choice in using an item biologically incompatible to you. Be Safe.


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